The KISS Guide to PDM Implementation

May 28, 2015 12:00:26 PM / by marthalubow posted in Engineering document management, Trends, EDM, implementation, Product Data Managment, PDM implementation, PDM, White Papers, Whitepaper, Technologies


Sooner or later, engineering and design companies realize they need to take control of their rapidly growing collection of data files. There are many solutions on the market, with varying approaches to product data management. With more than 20 years of experience, Synergis has settled on a KISS approach. Not KISS as in “keep it simple, stupid!” but as in “keep it simple for success.” Instead of creating a large proprietary database management system just for engineering, Synergis Adept offers a file-based approach that makes sense to users and administrators alike.

Once a company has decided to go with Synergis Adept, it is time to plan the implementation. Again, the motto “keep it simple for success” is the best approach. From start to finish there are straightforward ways to keep everyone affected by adoption involved, motivated, and informed.

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Practical PDM Destroys Hidden Monsters

May 22, 2015 12:23:13 PM / by marthalubow posted in Engineering document management, Trends, EDM, Product Data Managment, PDM, White Papers, Whitepaper, Technologies


Every night as a small child I made the long trek down stairs and through a section of unfinished basement to my bedroom. I never saw monsters lurking in the dark corners behind the furnace or in the storage room, but I knew they were there. Were they vampires or werewolves? Giant space aliens? The Blob? I didn’t know but I was convinced my life was in danger every night. (For some reason the morning walk upstairs was calm; I guess I believed monsters slept in the daytime.) I never told anyone I was afraid of monsters in the basement; the fear-filled tip-toe run to my room was a private matter. If only I had thought of carrying a flashlight, I could have avoided years of self-inflicted anxiety.

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