Need a Little Help Shopping for Engineering Document Management?

Jul 9, 2015 9:00:16 AM / by Randall S. Newton posted in vendor selection, Engineering document management, Trends, EDM, Product Data Managment, PDM, Whitepaper, Technologies


At the risk of offending people who despise putting people into two groups, I have observed that when faced with a large problem possessing many variables and no certain solution, people fall into one of two groups. People in the first group get excited by the thrill of the challenge; people in the second group get a knot in their stomach and wish someone would ask them a simple one-dimensional question instead.

Most engineers fall into the first group, but the gung ho attitude often comes unglued when the topic turns from “increase the battery life” to “automate our engineering document management.” Let’s face it: nobody went to engineering school to learn how to streamline data and document management, that’s what business schools are for.

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