The Top 11 Mistakes to Avoid During Engineering Document Management Implementations and Upgrades, Part 2

Mar 21, 2019 10:37:31 AM / by Synergis Software posted in upgrade, Trends, Adept, EDM, Engineering Docuement Management, implementation, Adept tips, Technologies


Engineering document management (EDM) systems are a big investment. But while a poorly planned and implemented EDM rollout can cause lost productivity and delays, a successful implementation can help your organization streamline workflows, cut costs, and much more—in other words, the benefits greatly outweigh the risks.

In this second installment of the Top 11 Mistakes to Avoid, we’ll be covering the final six mishaps our Applications Consultants see companies make during Adept implementations—and how to avoid them. Head to Part 1 for our first series of must-have tips. Let’s dive in.

Mistake 6: Confusing functionality across products

Choosing the right software solution—and vendor—for your organization requires extensive research, time, and attention. All too often, those performing the software evaluations are tasked with this project on top of an already jam-packed list of daily responsibilities. Keeping track of which solution does what without a score card or requirements list can be challenging. Without documentation on each solution, it can lead to some confusion on which software does what across vendors.

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The Top 11 Mistakes to Avoid During Engineering Document Management Implementations and Upgrades, Part 1

Jan 28, 2019 4:41:47 PM / by Synergis Software posted in upgrade, Engineering document management, Adept, EDM, implementation, Adept tips, Technologies, Products


Rolling out an enterprise-level document management solution across your organization can be a daunting task. While there’s no be-all, end-all method to implementation, setting up enterprise software does require several layers of planning and cross-communication. In fact, the success of the solution often relies as much on the implementation process as it does on the technology itself.

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When is the Best Time to Upgrade Engineering Document Management Software?

Jun 16, 2016 10:04:21 AM / by Synergis Software posted in upgrade, customer story, EDM, document management


The “why” of upgrading to a modern engineering document management system is something we’ve talked about often in this blog. One thing we have not covered much is the “when” of an upgrade. Is there a “best practices” approach to deciding when to upgrade?

My research suggests there are many variables and few absolutes regarding when the time is right to make the move. Most decisions that feel like a discussion of “when” are really driven by the “why.” Reasons like “We are acquiring (or being acquired by) another company” or “we have a big new client” are example of “why” a company upgrades EDM; the “when” is driven by the external event.

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