Market Survey Says PDM Remains a High Priority

The 2016 edition of the Business Advantage Worldwide CAD Trends survey has been released, and product data management is forecast for strong growth in the next 12 months and remains a high priority technology among engineering-driven companies.

The annual survey gathers data from more than 600 managers and other leaders at engineering-driven companies, evenly split between the Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia/Pacific. 78% of respondents are in small or medium sized businesses.

The survey says only 28% of engineering firms surveyed are now using PDM. But when asked about buying plans in the following months and years, PDM installations are projected to rise by 21% in 12 months and 39% within 3-5 years. (See chart below, republished courtesy of Business Advantage). Read More

Your EDM/PDM Summer Reading List

Summer seems to be the time when people catch up on their reading. If you haven’t already read our blog end-to-end, then you might want your to-read list to include these ten most popular articles of 2016. Enjoy and learn!

  1. ‘KISS’ for PDM Implementation
    Synergis Adept offers a simple, powerful approach to EDM, with a “keep it simple for success” approach makes it popular with both users and administrators.
  2. Make your EDM Helpdesk more efficient.
    If you’re lucky enough to have a world class helpdesk team supporting your EDM solution, then you’re more likely to have a successful enterprise solution. Here’s how the Synergis Adept helpdesk team achieves high rankings from HDI and keeps customers working at top efficiency.
  3. Is your engineering company still unacquainted with EDM?
    If your company is still scratching its corporate head about how to manage enterprise data—and even worse, confusing storing data with managing it—then it is time to wake up and smell the coffee.
  4. Are you falling behind without CAD data management?
    Four of the five leading technologies in design/engineering have one thing in common: they create data. Which makes it all the more important to have CAD data management in place. Here’s a survey that underscores the importance the adopting product data management to manage your complex data.
  5. Ask questions, solve problems
    Our engineering team at Synergis Software put together a list of questions to ask when planning to implement an engineering document management system. Leverage this list to make sure you know what to ask your vendor about technology, finances, logistics, and workflow.
  6. Smart data management makes your company run smarter
    Adept’s vaulting approach to engineering information skips the rhetoric of big data and delivers fast data within the most useful context. Users get what they want, when they need it.
  7. Is your data management system at risk?
    Engineering workflow expert Robert Green explores the important issues revolving around CAD data management systems.
  8. Let’s rescue tribal knowledge from extinction
    A full-featured engineering document management (EDM) system will not only capture and preserve institutional knowledge; it will also automate the ability to serve up the information to the right people whenever needed.
  9. What about all that legacy data?
    You are excited to install the new engineering data management system, right? From here on, projects will be more visible, your data more accessible. But what do you do with the years of legacy data your company has accumulated? Todd Cummings of Synergis Software has 20 years of experience with data management, and gives insights into when to import legacy data—and when not to.
  10. Finding buried treasure at Greene, Tweed
    This multi-national manufacturer of high-performance elastomeric and thermoplastic materials needed a way to connect engineering data with its existing SAP operations system. After a long search, Greene, Tweed chose Synergis Adept not only for its ability to organize engineering data but for its ability to integrate with SAP.

Guest blogger Amina Saeed is Assistant Editor at Consilia Vektor, the research firm founded by regular Synergis Blog contributor Randall S. Newton.

Improving Oil and Gas Industry Safety With Better Data Management

After a series of high-profile accidents involving gas transmission pipelines, in 2014 the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) commissioned a study to see what could be done to lower the incidence rate. The report, “Integrity Management of Gas Transmission Pipelines in High Consequence Areas” included an analysis of how pipeline quality data was gathered, used, and shared. A close look at the report offers some interesting insight into engineering data management issues.

The NTSB report on Integrity Management (IM) published 33 findings; seven of the specifically mention data management issues. Following the findings, the report listed 22 recommendations to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, seven of which specifically mention data handling. Read More

Today’s Top Ten List: PDM Nightmares

In the US, late night talk show host David Letterman retired this May after 33 years. Famous for an eccentric approach to comedy, his lasting contribution to humor will likely be his nightly Top Ten lists. The subject matter was all over the map, from current events (“Top Ten Final Words of Osama Bin Laden), to family life (“Top Ten Signs Your Kid Had a Bad First Day at School”) or just straight up comedy (“Top Ten Rejected James Bond Gadgets”).

Despite hours of agonizing research, we are unable to confirm if David Letterman ever made a Top Ten list about engineering data management. This is obviously an oversight on the part of Letterman and his writing team, one which we are happy to rectify. So, here’s today’s Top Ten List, “You Might Be Having Product Data Management (PDM) Nightmares If…”  If you suffer from one or more of these nightmare scenarios, follow the associated link to the solution Synergis Adept provides.

Number 10: You might be having PDM nightmares if file names mention days of the week or children recently born to employees. (Automatic File Naming Turns Chaos into Order) Read More